Have you heard of the Wardian Case? A Mr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward solved the problem of plants dying from exposure on board ships and on long journeys. He designed a special glass case in which plants could grow and survive on condensation, as the cases were completely sealed. The plants were now protected from the elements and could survive long journeys unattended. These miniature glasshouses became known as Wardian Cases named after Mr. Ward.

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Ripe and Dry

Ripe and Dry

One of the images in the exhibition A PEEP AT NATURE

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Opening Saturday 14th Oct, 2017, 2 – 4pm.
Langford120 Gallery
120 Langford Street
North Melbourne
Gallery Hours, Thursday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm, Sundays 12 – 5pm
All welcome, the exhibition ends on the 12th Nov 2017.

I have been developing my ideas for this exhibition for the last 10 months. It’s been a very interesting journey learning about the history and trade of plants around the world. I found specimens as old as James Cook’s journeys. The last 10 months have been tumultuous in terms of world politics, security, climate change, migration, war and homelessness. Changes that are contributing to the way we live and causing concern for the environment etc. In the 18th century William Cowper wrote a poem than reflected his time during the industrial revolution that resulted in pollution and the lack of clean air for people and plants.
Now as then pot plants, terrariums and glass houses were/are popular. We also see vertical gardens, that are accommodated on high rise buildings, and rooftop gardens to try to bring nature into cold, bereft environments.
Artificial grass is a concern, it may look green but is hot and synthetic giving off harmful gases. It is alarming to see so much of it around school playgrounds.
This new work celebrates the history of collecting, recording and trade in plants that ensures continuity. I visited botanical gardens, herbariums, glass houses and parks to research for this project.

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Inside Tree


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Fine Art For Interiors

Look for Fine Art For Interiors at

lunabloo designs and F A F I  DESIGN are collaborating to make prints, photos and homewares

lunaBLOO and loulou at our first market

lunaBLOO designs and FAFI DESIGN compositions  at our first market

Watch for developments.


Recent Award

Prize for Best Landscape at the Centre for Contemporary Photography 2013 Salon for an image from the Glass House series                                                 Glass House series


Nature Culture Art

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